User Management/Access Control
We just launched our new User Management & Access Control functionality that allows you to add team members to your workspace and control user access so team members can only view and edit certain tools in the software.
This will allow you to create project teams and control user access based upon their roles in the company.
Acquisitions/Project Management/Accounting
Our new User Management & Access Control is perfect for project teams that have defined roles in the business for the 3 stages of a flip:
  • Acquisition
  • Project Management
  • Accounting
You can also use our new User Management functionality to grant access to individuals outside of your organization.
Contractor Access
You could give your General Contractor access to the Repair Estimator tool so they can create an estimate for you with their pricing directly in the app. Or you could give the contractor access to the Project Scheduler so they can create a project schedule and manage/edit the on-going schedule start and completion dates during the project.
Bookkeeper Access
You could also give your bookkeeper access to the Accounting tools and reports so they can enter expenses and manage your books
Virtual Assistant
Or you could give your virtual assistant access that manages data entry, tasks or expenses.
Note: User Management & Access Control is only available for Small Business & Enterprise Plans
User Management Patrick