User Management/Access Control
We just launched our new User Management & Access Control functionality that allows you to add team members to your workspace and control user access so team members can only view and edit certain tools in the software.
This will allow you to create project teams and control user access based upon their roles in the company.
Acquisitions/Project Management/Accounting
Our new User Management & Access Control is perfect for project teams that have defined roles in the business for the 3 stages of a flip:
  • Acquisition
  • Project Management
  • Accounting
You can also use our new User Management functionality to grant access to individuals outside of your organization.
Contractor Access
You could give your General Contractor access to the Repair Estimator tool so they can create an estimate for you with their pricing directly in the app. Or you could give the contractor access to the Project Scheduler so they can create a project schedule and manage/edit the on-going schedule start and completion dates during the project.
Bookkeeper Access
You could also give your bookkeeper access to the Accounting tools and reports so they can enter expenses and manage your books
Virtual Assistant
Or you could give your virtual assistant access that manages data entry, tasks or expenses.
Note: User Management & Access Control is only available for Small Business & Enterprise Plans
User Management Patrick
Budgeter Bug Fixes
Repair Estimator
Project Budgeter
Accounting Reports
With our latest update we improved some user experience issues and went through and cleaned up some bugs and issues on the Project Budgeter & Estimator:
Project Budgeter Fixes
  • Restructured saving methodology so you don't have to refresh page in order to see live updates on Project Budgeter. Now as soon as you enter an expense or income, the data will be shown on Budgeter (without page refresh)
  • Fixed toggle switch (Lump Sum to Detailed) not showing Repair Categories
  • Fixed issue if user hadn't loaded an Estimate in the Estimator, the Project Budgeter displaying as blank. Now Budgeter will always show even if you haven't run an analysis or an estimate.
  • Fixed formula calculations in the Projected/Variance Columns
  • Fixed issue if item was deleted, not being reflected in totals
  • Fixed issue if item was re-categorized not being reflected
  • Fixed issue if a new category was added on Estimator, not being shown on Project Budgeter.
  • Fixed values on Project Budget Report to exactly reflect the values shown on Project Budgeter
  • Fixed issue with Add New Item modal window freezing if user doesn't enter all required fields.
Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
Repair Estimator
We pushed up a few updates to fix some miscellaneous items:
Adding New Projects
-Fixed a Zillow API error message if you added a project that without a valid property address
  • Fixed Temporary Issue where Add New Category, Add New Items 'Save' Button wasn't responsive.
  • Fixed Temporary Issue where Saved Templates were loading scrambled data
  • Fixed Temporary Issue where our Flipper Force Estimator Starter Templates weren't loading in the units (sf, lf, ls, etc.)
Another Speed Enhancement ⚡
Project Budgeter
With our previous speed enhancement our focus was on improving the load times of the Repair Estimator, Investment Report & Accounting Reports which worked like a charm & improved speeds by nearly 10x 💪
...But our Project Budgeter was still loading exhaustively slow, so we went back and used the same magic to help our Project Budgeter load 10x faster than before!
New App Timeout Extension ⌚
We had received feedback that users were being 'timed out' while working on detailed tools like the Estimator or Project Scheduler.
Previously, our app time out was scheduled to time out after 2 hours, but now we've extended the time out to 48 hours which should hopefully give you plenty of time to input your Estimate data and Schedule data without being booted from the software.
New Speed Enhancements ⚡
We just launched some new speed enhancements which should make FlipperForce faster than ever!
Our Rehab Estimator templates hold A LOT of data.
Each template has over 35 Categories (Roofing, Siding, Painting, Cabinetry, etc), and a pricing database of over 700 common repair items. Not to mention our Estimator stores pages, upon pages of SOW notes that you can use to get bids from your Contractors.
All of this data connects and feeds to different tools and reports throughout the software which was causing various pages to load unbearably slow.
For the past few weeks we've been working behind the scenes to restructure our database and re-evaluatie the way our pages were calling data.
And we are happy to report with our new speed update pages are loading 10x faster!
Previously, it would take around 20 to 25 seconds to load various pages. Now those pages are loading in 2 to 3 seconds! That's a 10x improvement on speed!
Don't believe me?
Here's a video of me testing driving FlipperForce with our new speed enhancements:
New Zillow Data API ⚡
We just launched our new Zillow Data API that automatically pulls in property data for new projects.
The next time you login and add a new house flip project to your account, you should notice on the property details page that a large portion of the property information loads automatically.
Previously you had to enter all of this data manually, but now with the new Zillow data API the property square footage, # of beds & baths ,lot size, year built, school district, high school, middle school & elementary school information automatically loads into the software.
​This will hopefully help save you a few minutes of research and data entry whenever you create a new project.
Miscellaneous Enhancements & Bug Fixes
Flip Analyzer
Repair Estimator
Task Manager
Document Manager
We've spent the last few weeks collecting user feedback which has been used make a few enhancements, clean up a few items and squash a few pesky bugs in our house flipping software.
Here's what we've been working on:
Flip Analyzer
  • Added in Data Validation and Error Handling to prevent users from entering weird data, values or characters that are not supported in the cells that can cause bugs or error screens when analyzing deals. In other words you can't enter text into a cell that expects a numerical value.
  • Added a Save prompt if a user tries to navigate to a different tool or close out their browser without saving their Flip Analysis.
Property Details Page
  • Fixed issue with Zillow Data API if user inputted invalid address that Zillow could not find property data.
  • Added in Data Validation and Error Handling for Property Details data.
  • Increased the limit of number of Beds & Baths. Can now have up to 100 beds & 100 Baths for Multi-Family projects.
  • Increased the character limit for Owner Information so you can enter an unlimited amount of data.
  • Fixed a weird bug that was causing an error message when trying to delete various projects. All projects should delete without issue now!
Repair Estimator
  • Fixed issue with General Notes not saving
  • Fixed a weird bug where copied data from other sources was not saving.
  • Increased the character limit for Repair Item descriptions.
Project Scheduler
  • Added back in the Share Schedule button so you can share your schedules via a share link.
Task Manager
  • Fixed a weird bug where copied data from other sources was causing a blue screen. Now you can copy and paste data from anywhere and paste directly into the Task Manager!
  • Increased the character limit for Task Descriptions and Comments so you can enter an unlimited amount of notes for each Task.
  • Increased the File size limits for Task Attachments up to 5MB each.
Document Manager
  • Fixed weird issue where you couldn't upload more than 25 documents per project. Now you can upload an unlimited amount of Documents to the Document Manager.
  • Fixed issue with images not displaying and only displaying as an Icon.
New Schedule Templating
Project Scheduler
It's finally here!
We just launched our brand new Schedule Templating functionality that allows you to load Schedule Starter Templates and save your own custom templates that you can use on future projects! 🎉
In the past, creating a detailed project schedule took nearly an hour to create, but with our new Schedule Templating you can load a project schedule in seconds! ⌚
Schedule Starter Templates
Our Project Scheduler now includes 3 Starter Templates that you can use to help you get started:
  • Gut Rehab Schedule Template
  • Cosmetic Rehab Schedule Template
  • New Construction Schedule Template
These schedule Starter Templates include a detailed list of major rehab tasks and milestones, as well as approximate durations, dependencies & connections.
Once you load in a Schedule Starter Template you can customize the task descriptions, order of operations and durations as needed for your specific project.
Save Your Own Custom Templates
Flipping houses is a very repeatable process, so once you customize your schedule you can save it as a template that can be reused on future projects!
New User Guide
I have been working on developing videos, case studies, interactive tutorials and FAQ lists to help you learn all of the powerful tools and features of our house flipping software.
We recently added a new 'User Guides' button which can be used as reference to watch video tutorials and launch interactive tutorials to help you learn the software at your own pace.
As always if you ever have any questions you can always shoot us a message in chat or send us an email.
User Guide Image
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