New Material List Filters!
Material Catalog
We just added new filters to our Material List Report so you can filter your project material list to only show the materials you need to purchase from a specific store!
Here's How it Works
New Material List Filters
New material list filters gif
  • Filter by Supplier/Store
  • Filter by Responsibility
  • Filter by Purchased/Not Purchased
  • Filter by Material Selected vs Allowances
New 'Purchased' Checkbox
We also added a new "Purchased" checkbox so once you purchase an item you can cross it off your list and filter the list to only show materials you still need to purchase!
New purchased checkbox
New "Supplier" Filter on the Material Catalog
Material Catalog
We just added a new filter to the Material Catalog so you can filter your catalog by the Supplier/Store. This new filter will make it easier for your to see which materials you have uploaded from each of your suppliers/stores in your your catalog.
New Supplier material catalog filter
Save Your Material Selections to Your Estimate Templates!
Repair Estimator
Material Catalog
A few weeks ago we launched our new Material Catalog tools so you can easily select materials for your projects directly from the Estimator tool.
Most house flippers and real estate investors use the same material SKUs on all of their projects, so wouldn't it be great to be able to save your project material selections with your Estimate Templates so you can reuse them on future projects!?
Well now you can!!! We just launched new improvements to our Estimate Templates functionality that now allow you to save your material selections in your Custom Estimate Templates so whenever you create a new estimate all of your material selections will already be pre-loaded which you can save hours creating project shopping lists!!!
Here's How You Can Save Your Own SKUs in an Estimate Template!
We now have Property Data & Owner Data on over 150mm properties!
Property & Owner Data
We just launched Nationwide Property and Owner data for over 150mm properties and 99% of property owners across the country!
Now whenever you add a new project, FlipperForce automatically downloads hundreds of datapoints about your property and insider information about the Owner, so you can have all of the data you need to negotiate the best deal with the seller!
Instantly Download Hundreds of Datapoints about the Property!
As soon as you add a project, we will instantly download hundreds of datapoints and specs about your property which should save you a bunch of time manually researching property info!
Property Specs
  • Beds, baths, square footage, parking count
  • # of units, stories, rooms
  • Year built
  • Lot size, lot frontage, lot depth
Construction Specs
  • Building grade, condition, roofing materials, foundation type, exterior/interior wall, heating, cooling, & plumbing systems
  • Subdivision
  • School district
  • High school, middle school & elementary school names
Instantly Know Who Owns The Property!
Instantly find out who owns the property and find interesting demographic insights into their age, financial status and education so you know exactly who you are negotiating with!
Owner Contact Info
  • Owner Names, Addresses
Owner Demographics
  • Ownership status
  • Marital status
  • Age
  • Household size, income, net worth, education
Know How Much The Owner Paid, If They Have a Mortgage and How Much They Owe!
Learn whether the Owner has a mortgage on the property and get inside information of their Outstanding Loan Balance, Estimated Equity and monthly payments!
  • Lender name, loan term, original balance, estimated balance, owner equity, estimated monthly payments
Understand their Motivations for Selling w/ our "Motivated Seller Indicators!"
We use inside Owner Information to identify characteristics about the property Owner that could reveal potential motivations for the owner to want to sell the property which you can use to help you negotiate the deal!
Motivated Seller Badge Examples
  • Absentee Owner
  • Out of State Owner
  • Bankruptcy
  • Cash Buyer
  • Corporate Owned
  • Divorce
  • Expired Listing
  • Free and Clear
  • High Equity
  • Inherited
  • Liens
  • Low Equity
  • Tired Landlord
  • Vacant
Who Get's Access?
If you are currently a paid subscriber you get access to our Premium Nationwide Property and Owner data which includes the hundreds of datapoints described above.
If you are only on the Freemium Plan or Free Trial you will only receive basic property data like beds, baths, & square footage provided by Zillow.
New Material Catalog Thumbnail Feature
Material Catalog
We just made some new improvements to the Material Catalog that will give you the ability to easily upload/edit material thumbnail images for your materials.
How it Works
To add a new thumbnail or edit an existing thumbnail click the Thumbnail icon on the Material popup window, and paste in the Image URL from the website where the image is located.
Editing Material Thumbnails
New Material Catalog Feature for Managing Your Materials and Easily Creating Material Shopping Lists for your Projects!
Material Catalog
We just launched our new Material Catalog tool which is the central location where you can manage your list of all of your commonly-used material SKUs for your projects.
Most house flippers and real estate investors use the same list of materials on all of their projects. They have specific paint colors, vanities, doors, knobs, appliances, etc that they use on every flip or rental property.
Your new Material Catalog tool is where you can save all of your commonly used materials, and then you can easily pull those material selections into your project estimates and budgets to seamlessly create project shopping lists for your projects to save you countless trips to the hardware store!
How it Works:
Create More Accurate Estimates, by Easily Making Material Selections on the Estimator
One of the biggest benefits of the Material Catalog is the ability to easily make your material selections directly in the Repair Estimator tool as you are building your budget. Picking actual material SKUs instead of using allowances will make your estimates more accurate!
Selecting Materials on the Estimator
Generate Material Shopping List Reports for Bulk Ordering Materials
You can also generate a comprehensive material shopping list report which is an interactive, shareable and printer friendly report that lists every material item you need to purchase for your project so you can easily submit a bulk purchase order, saving you countless trips and hours visiting the hardware store!
Note: The Material Catalog is not included in the Freemium Plan, and is only available to subscribers with a paid subscription.
FlipperForce is now part of Fund That Flip!
Happy to share that Flipper Force has been acquired by Fund That Flip, a leading real estate fintech that provides fast, reliable funding for fix-and-flips and new construction projects!
What this means for you:
You have a new option for
fast, reliable capital to fund your real estate deals,
and we have the power and technology of Fund That Flip behind us to make FlipperForce even better.
The FlipperForce team, along with Fund That Flip, is committed to investing in and improving the functionality of FlipperForce. Joining Fund That Flip will enable us to scale our development and focus on bringing you product improvements and features faster than ever before.
We encourage you to check out Fund That Flip to explore how we have helped thousands of real estate entrepreneurs grow their businesses with access to fast, reliable capital, and to see how our financing options can help you scale.
Investment Packet Enhancements
Deal Analysis Reports
We added some new pages and revamped existing pages of the Flip Investment Packet and BRRRR Investment Packet so you can create professional investment reports for your business partners and lenders to get funding for your deals!
New Executive Summary Page
We added our new Executive Summary page to the Investment Packets so you can build a beautiful, photo-rich Executive Summary to showcase your house flip and BRRRR investment opportunities to your business partners and lenders! The Executive Summary provides a high level overview of the investment opportunity and financial results to quickly highlight why your partners and investors should lend on the deal!
Executive Summary
Revamped Financial Overview Page
We completely revamped our Financial Overview pages and added in new information about the project timeline, added in some new Financing Table about how much funding the project needs and even added a pretty new chart showing the % of project costs to ARV.
Financial Overview Page
New Project Capital Overview Page
We also added a new Project Capital Overview page that summarizes how much capital, funding and cash you'll need at closing and throughout the flip.
Project Capital Overview page
Revamped Property Info Page
We also made some slight design changes to the Property Info page and added in a new Structural Modifications table which shows any structural modifications you make to the property that alters the square footage or bed/bath counts.
Property Information page
New Calendar Filters For Managing Contractor Workloads and Scheduling Conflicts
Project Scheduler
Project Calendar
We received feedback from a user that has 10 active renovations going on with the same contractors and they wanted to use the Project Calendar to manage their contractor workloads and plan for scheduling conflicts.
New Calendar Filters to Filter Gantt Tasks by Companies
We added new new filters to the Project Calendar so you can now filter Gantt Tasks by your Team Members and
to manage their work loads and check for potential scheduling conflicts across all of your projects that you are working on.
Here's How it Works:
Let's say you have 10 house flips simultaneously under construction and you are working with the same painting crew on every project. Our new Calendar Companies filter will allow you to easily see when your painting crew is scheduled on each project so you can check to see if there are any scheduling overlaps or conflicts.
New Executive Summary Page
Deal Analysis Reports
We just launched our new Executive Summary page to the Investment Packets so you can build a beautiful, photo-rich Executive Summary to showcase your house flip and BRRRR investment opportunities to your business partners and lenders!
Photo Gallery
The Executive Summary offers a photo gallery where you can highlight the 6 best photos of the property.
(If you want to upload more photos, you can upload up to 25 photos on the dedicated Photos page.)
Project Description
You can also write a project description to describe the scope of work and highlight the key benefits of the investment opportunity.
Investment Highlights
The page also highlights the most important financial values like the projected After Repair Value, Profit, project timeline and COCR!
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