Export your Expenses to CSV!
Project Budgeter
We just pushed up a new update to our Expense Tracker tool that allows you to export your expense data to a CSV file so you can upload your expenses to Quickbooks or other accounting software if needed.
Admittedly, this feature was long overdue so thanks for your patience!
Schedule Template Loading Improvements!
Project Scheduler
We just launched a complete revamp of how Schedule Starter Templates are loaded into the Project Scheduler which should signficantly improve the process of loading a Schedule Starter Templates!
Pick a Schedule Start Date
Previously when you loaded in a Schedule Starter Template it would load the Schedule back in 2019 (which was really silly & confusing).
Now when you load a Scheduler Starter Template you can pick the Schedule Start Date and load the schedule on the exact date you need.
User Interface Improvements
We also made improvements to user interface which provide more clarity on the differences between the 3 templates.
Blank Schedule Option
If you don't want to use our Schedule Starter Templates you can always just load a blank schedule and start from scratch.
Custom Saved Schedule Templates Option
You can also save and load your own custom schedule templates if needed.
SOW Report Improvements & Bug Fixes
This week we re-built the underlying database structure for how our Scope of Work data was being presented on the Scope of Work report. In doing so, we fixed a couple of quirky bugs and also made some improvements to the SOW report.
  • Fixed an issue where SOW categories did not match the order of Estimator categories
  • Reordered the categories on the SOW Report to display in the same order shown on the screen instead of alphabetical order
  • Fixed an issue with the SOW report printing all categories instead of selected
  • Fixed an issue with new Added Categories displaying at top of SOW report
  • Reduced paddings, margins, line heights, font sizes, etc to reduce the # of PDF pages generated by 33%
Project Calendar Improvements & Fixes
New Calendar List View
We added in a new 'List View' to the Project Calendar which will make it easier to manage all of your project schedules and tasks in a 'list view'.
Calendar List View
When we performed our server infrastructure and database migrations it caused a few issues with our Project Calendar, so we got a few temporary bugs cleaned up on the Calendar as well.
Development Update (Database Migration, Server Upgrades, Bug Fixes & Improvements)
Flip Analyzer
Repair Estimator
Project Calendar
Project Budgeter
For the past few weeks we have been making some improvements behind the scenes to improve platform performance and improve overall user experience for our user base.
We completed a large database migration, which has allowed us to improve performance and reliability. This migration sets us up to deliver many feature and performance improvements in the future.
We also made a handful of bug fixes that fixed some issues when we upgraded our servers.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug on Project Budgeter if user had several hundred expense items added page would error out. Refactored the code to improve performance <- We will be adding 'pagination' soon which will make the Expense Tracker load much faster
  • Fixed miscellaneous Project Calendar bugs (tasks not rendering properly on the calendar)
We have a couple more small bug fixes we are currently working on getting resolved.
Over the next couple of weeks we are going to continue focusing on improving our existing rehab analysis & project management toolset to ensure all of our existing rehabbing tools are performing to their maximum capabilities before we start building new tools.
Here is what we have on the docket for the next few weeks:
  • Miscellaneous mobile improvements
  • Task Email Notifications/Navbar Task Notifications
  • SOW Report printing improvements
  • Print All Reports (& webpages) to PDF
  • Document Manager Folder Hiearchy (and improved upload speeds)
  • Upload Expenses Image Receipts/Export to CSV
  • Global Profit Statements
  • Task Manager Improvements
Trust us, we really, really, really want to build you a new Rental/BRRRR Calculator, Comping tool & Materials Management tool, but we don't want to be a platform that is a "
jack of all trades, master of none
" which is why our focus for the next couple of weeks is to continue improving the existing tool set before we start building completely new tools.
New Estimator Category Duplication
Repair Estimator
We just launched new updates to our Repair Estimator tool that adds in new functionality to duplicate entire categories in the Repair Estimator.
Category duplication will be especially useful when estimating rehab costs by room.
For example if you have a property that has 3 bathrooms, you could estimate the costs for the first bathroom and then duplicate the category to recreate the 2nd and 3rd bathrooms with the exact same repair items, quantities, prices & descriptions.
Estimator Mobile Improvements
Repair Estimator
We pushed up a new update that improved the mobile responsiveness of our Repair Estimator so you can estimate repair costs for your rehab projects using your phone or tablet device!
We cleaned up the mobile user interface on the Repair Estimator and also cleaned up the data tables so you can easily create and edit your rehab estimates using a phone or tablet device!
Repair Estimator Mobile GIF
New Scheduler Enhancements
Project Scheduler
Drag-and-Drop Project Level Tasks
Now you can Drag-and-Drop entire Project Schedule groupings and subtasks.
Project Drag and Drop
Mark Schedule Tasks as Complete
You can also mark schedule items as complete which will strikethrough completed schedule items.
Mark As Complete
Highlight Weekends
We've also highlighted the weekends on the schedule so you can easily identify which days are weekdays and which days are weekends.
Highlight Weekend
New Calendar Events (& other improvements)
Project Scheduler
Task Manager
Project Calendar
We just launched new updates to our Project Calendar that adds in 'Events' that you can use to manage appointments & meetings.
Events are an ideal option for meetings or appointments that have a start time and end time, such as scheduling a property walkthrough
8AM to 9AM.
So now you have 3 different ways to manage your project to-dos, schedules & events.
  1. Events - Appointments or meetings with a set start time (Property Walkthrough, Closings, etc.)
  2. Tasks - Daily tasks and to-dos that need to get done by a certain day
  3. Schedule Tasks - Major project renovation tasks (Demolition Work, Plumbing Rough-in, Electrical Rough-in, Drywall, etc.)
Edit Tasks and Schedule Items Directly on the Calendar
You can also easily drag and drop and edit task and schedule information directly from the Project Calendar. Now instead of needing to navigate to the Task Manager or Project Scheduler, you can simply edit the task description or date directly on the Calendar.
Change the Project Color on the Calendar
Previously the project color on the calendar was an arbitrary color that was randomly selected by our software which sometimes resulted in bright colors that made the white text hard to read. We added in a new color wheel that allows you to change the color of the project to whatever color you want.
Print and Share Calendar
You can also print your calendar to a PDF or you can use the share link to share your project calendar with users outside of the software.
New Investment Report Improvements
Deal Analysis Reports
We just launched some new Investment Report enhancements that help you to further customize the Investment Report's easier and faster than ever.
Edit the Cover Page Heading
You can now edit the boring heading on the Cover Page to add a lil' excitement to help promote your rehab to your partners or investors.
Customizable Cover Page Heading
For example, you could change the heading to say "
Flipping Amazing Rehab Opportunity
Change Cover Image Directly on Investment Report
You can also change your cover image directly on the Investment Report instead of navigating back to the Property Details page to change it, which will hopefully save a few seconds 😉
Change Property Cover Image
New Estimate Subtotals, Adders & Total Estimate Lines
You will also notice we added some a new Estimate Subtotal, Adders & Total Estimate line items to the Repair Estimate pages.
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