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Flip Analyzer/BRRRR Analyzer

Analysis Dashboards Get a Powerful Upgrade

We're excited to announce some major improvements to your Analysis Dashboards! These updates provide a consolidated overview of your key deal analysis metrics, giving you a more powerful and insightful overview of all of your deals.
Access the revamped Analysis Dashboard from the "Dashboards" dropdown menu in the top navigation bar. It's now organized under the "By Feature" section.
Consolidated Deal Analysis in One Place
Our revamped Analysis Dashboard provides a central location to view all your crucial analysis data points in a single table. This means you can see high-level summaries of all your Flip Analyzer and BRRRR Analyzer projects side-by-side for effortless comparison.
Flip Analysis Table
We've supercharged the Flip Analysis table with a bunch of new data points, including:
  • Enhanced Profit View: See a clear picture of your project's profitability with all the high-level data points used to calculate profit, including ARV, purchase price, repair budget, fixed costs, financing costs, and calculated profit.
  • Compare Profitability Side-by-Side: Analyze the overall profitability and Cash-on-Cash Return (COCR) of your deals in one location.
  • The 70% Rule Gauge: Get a quick measure of how your deals stack up against the industry standard 70% rule. This allows you to identify buying opportunities and assess historical trends.
  • 70% Rule Comparison - See how your deals stack up against this industry benchmark.
  • Cash, Funding & Capital Needed: Understand how much cash you'll need to cover upfront costs and how much outside funding you may require. This is crucial for planning how much capital to have on hand, especially if you're considering multiple deals.
New BRRRR Analysis Table View
For our buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat (BRRRR) investors, we've introduced a brand new BRRRR Analysis table. This table mirrors the Flip Analysis table structure, but with a focus on metrics that matter to long-term rental investors, such as:
  • Short-Term Equity: See the potential equity you can build by acquiring the property at a discount and renovating it.
  • Long-Term Results: Analyze factors like monthly rental income, operating expenses, debt service, cash flow, and total return on investment.
  • Stabilization & Refinance Cash Flow: Understand how much cash is needed to stabilize the property and the potential remaining cash after refinancing.
This high-level overview empowers you to compare potential long-term investments side-by-side and make data-driven decisions about your real estate portfolio.
Export to CSV for Further Data
Need to run your own custom calculations? No problem! Our Analysis Dashboards now allow you to export your data to a CSV spreadsheet for seamless import into Excel or Google Sheets.
We're constantly striving to improve FlipperForce to better serve your needs. If there are any additional data points you'd love to see included in the Analysis Dashboards, please let us know!
The FlipperForce web app received a mobile-friendly makeover. We've streamlined navigation and introduced a powerful search function, making it easier than ever to manage your projects while you're on-the-go!
Improved Mobile Navigation
With our latest sitewide navigation updates we also launched some improvements to the mobile navigation which makes it easier to navigate to your projects.
Improved Project Search:
A new search functionality has been added to the mobile sidebar menu, making it easier for you to locate specific projects.
Optimized Sizing of Fonts/Buttons
We adjusted the sizing of the fonts and buttons throughout the platform so they are sized appropriately for a mobile device.
Future Improvements
There's still some areas of the mobile experience that we are working on improving, but we feel like this a significant step in the right direction to make our app more mobile friendly.
We've made significant improvements to how you navigate around our platform. Now, enjoy a more simple and streamlined experience with features like dedicated Project Search and a reorganized Dashboards menu, all accessible on any device.
Revamped Top Navbar
The top navigation bar has undergone a comprehensive redesign, prioritizing Project Search and navigation while enhancing the visibility of Dashboards and Workspace-wide features.
Enhanced Project Search
In our new top navbar created a dedicated Project Search feature where you can easily search to find and navigate to your Projects by simply searching the Project Name or address.
Simply enter a project name or address to quickly locate and navigate to the project you need. This is a game-changer for users managing a multitude of projects.
Streamlined Dashboards Menu
We've also optimized the Dashboards dropdown menu for improved organization. Now, your dashboard views are categorized by Stage (e.g., Leads, Active Projects) and by Feature (e.g., Analysis, Estimating & Accounting) for a more intuitive experience.
  • By Stage:
    This section showcases dashboards categorized by project stages like Leads, Active Projects, Portfolio or Archive.
  • By Feature:
    This section features dashboards grouped by functionalities like Analysis, Estimating & Accounting, reflecting data from Analyzers, Estimator & Expense Tracker.
Workspace Icons at Your Fingertips
Your frequently used Workspace features are now consolidated into convenient icons in the top right corner. This includes access to Companies/Contacts, Calendar, Material Catalog, Workspace Activity, and Settings.
Dedicated Workspace Settings Menu
We created a new Workspace Settings menu where you can find all of your Workspace settings for managing your Company Profile and Users, alongside your Default Settings and Templates for the Analysis & Estimating features.
Personal Account Settings Manu
The User avatar dropdown menu now exclusively handles your personal Account settings. Manage your Profile, email preferences, and password with ease.
We believe these navigation enhancements will significantly improve your workflow and overall experience on our platform. Dive in and explore the new layout – we're confident you'll love it!
We're thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new, completely rebuilt knowledge base for FlipperForce! This one-stop shop for all things FlipperForce is designed to empower you, our valued users, to explore the platform's full potential and become experts on using our software.
Learning at Your Own Pace, Made Easy
We understand that everyone learns differently. That's why our new knowledge base offers a variety of resources to suit your learning style:
  • Comprehensive Help Articles: Dive deep into detailed articles that explain FlipperForcplat's features and functionalities.
  • Visual Video Tutorials: See things in action with clear and concise video tutorials that guide you step-by-step through key processes.
  • Illustrative Screenshots: Gain a clear understanding of the platform's interface with helpful screenshots that complement the written content.
  • Real-World Case Studies: Learn from real-world examples by exploring case studies showcasing how FlipperForce has been successfully implemented in various scenarios.
How it Works Links on Every App Page
Every app page within the platform has a new "How it Works" link in the Page Heading that links directly to the Knowledge Base section for that tool so you can easily find video tutorials and FAQs about that specific tool.
We just launched a new improvement to the SOW report that adds Labor Notes to the Scope of Work Report.
On the Repair Estimator, you can add Labor notes to each line item in your Estimate, so you can add a description of work on what the contractor should include in their SOW.
Previously, these notes were not available on the SOW Report, but thanks to some feedback from our userbase, we decided to add those Labor Notes to the description area on the Scope of Work Report.
No more scrolling through endless projecct lists! We're excited to announce our new search functionality in our project dropdown menu that allows you to easily "type to search" for your projects so you can navigate the platform faster than ever.
For our users that have hundreds of projects on the platform, navigating through extensive project lists was time-consuming and frustrating.
Now, with our new intuitive search functionality, finding the project you need is as simple as typing the project name or address!
How it Works!
In the top Project dropdown menu, simply begin typing the project name or address, and our project search feature will dynamically filter your projects, showing you the project match so you can easily navigate to the project you need!
Type to search
We're excited to announce some performance improvements that will make your project management experience even smoother!
We focused on optimizing the Project Dashboard and Calendar for users with large workspaces and many projects. This means faster loading times, quicker updates, and less waiting - so you can spend more time focusing on what matters most.
Here's what's new:
  • Project Dashboard: Under the hood tweaks have streamlined data processing, resulting in up to 30% faster loading times for dashboards with numerous projects. ⚡️
  • Calendar: We've optimized how project events are displayed, leading to smoother scrolling and faster view updates even with busy calendars. ️
Our commitment to speed:
This is just the first step in our ongoing effort to improve platform performance. We're constantly evaluating and optimizing different areas to ensure a seamless and efficient experience for all users.
We've been continuing to add more activities to our Activity Log to make sure we are tracking the most important user activities in the Activity Log so you have complete visibility into what your other team members are doing in the software. Here's a few new Activities we added:
Created a new Activity Log event for multiple photos being uploaded to the Photo Log.
Created a new Activity Log event for multiple documents uploaded to the Document Manager.
Created a new Activity Log event if multiple Comps were automatically downloaded to the Comps Tool
Created a new Activity Log Event for BRRRR Analyzer Completed whenever a user completes a BRRRR Analysis
Created a new Workspace Activity Log event when a user accepts their invite to the Workspace
Introducing our latest update to the Activity Log: Project Updates & Commenting! 🎉
Teams and Business Plans can now take collaboration to a whole new level! Post project updates, comment on activities, and create threaded discussions right within the Activity Log!
New Project Updates Feature!
The Product Updates feature allows you to easily communicate with your team members, share important updates, ask questions, and discuss project activities all in one place.
Project Updates
Comment on Activities
We also added commenting functionality so you can easily leave comments on specific activities listed in the Activity Log, enabling seamless discussions and efficient collaboration.
On each Activity in the Activity Log you'll see a comment button which creates a comment thread related to that particular activity. This functionality allows you to add context, ask questions, post feedback and discuss activities.
Commenting GIF
Comment Threads
Once someone posts a comment on an Activity, other Users can reply to the comments which creates a threaded conversation so you and your team can collaborate and have meaningful conversations directly in the software and eliminate endless email chains and scattered communication!
We're excited to announce the release of our latest feature, the Overall Workspace Activity Log!
With the Overall Workspace Activity Log, you no longer have to navigate through individual project Activity Logs. Instead, you can access a comprehensive overview where you can effortlessly track and monitor major activities, events, and updates across all of your projects.
Benefits of Workspace Activity Log
This feature is especially beneficial for real estate businesses with multiple teammates collaborating on projects. The Workspace activity log provides essential visibility into every project and allows you to stay informed about the progress and tasks your teammates are working on. It's the perfect solution for keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring efficient collaboration within your business.
  • Centralized Overview: Access a single, centralized hub to track and monitor activities across all your projects, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple logs.
  • Comprehensive Visibility: Gain a comprehensive overview of major activities, events, and updates for each project, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Team Collaboration: Foster collaboration by keeping everyone on the same page. Team members can easily stay informed about project progress, tasks, and contributions.
  • Seamless Communication: Streamline communication within your team by having a centralized space to discuss activities, provide updates, and exchange feedback.
  • Improved Productivity: Save time and effort by accessing all project activities in one place, enabling you to stay organized and focused.
Where Can You Find it?
You can access the Workspace Activity Log in the Avatar dropdown menu in the top navbar.
Who Has Access to the Workspace Activity Log?
At this time, only Teams and Business subscribers have access to the Activity Log features. If you are on a Solo plan you can upgrade your subscription in Billing to unlock this feature!
Reach out in chat and let us know if you have any other ideas on how we can improve the activity log for you and your business!
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