We're thrilled to announce the release of our latest feature: the Overall Workspace Activity Log!
Say goodbye to toggling between multiple project logs and welcome a unified view of everything happening across your projects. Now, you can access a centralized Workspace Activity Log that consolidates all project Activity Logs within one convenient location.
The Overall Workspace Activity log will provide a centralized location to track major activities, events, and updates across your projects, all in one location. Whether it's project creation, status changes, expense updates, or document uploads, you'll have a comprehensive overview at your fingertips.
With the Overall Workspace Activity Log, you gain valuable insights into the collective progress and actions of your entire team. It's the perfect tool for business owners & project managers to stay up-to-date and maintain full visibility into all ongoing project activities.
We're excited to announce we launched another new feature on our Comps tool!
We have added a link to Zillow, allowing users to easily access additional sales information and property photos for any of their recommended Comparable sales.
Comps Link to Zillow
This new feature will save users time and effort by allowing them to quickly and easily review all the information they need to determine whether a property is a good comparable property to their Subject property!
We are excited to announce the beta release of our new Activity Log feature! This first iteration is just the beginning of our efforts to provide complete transparency and collaboration for your team.
With the Activity Log, you can track all major activities and events that users perform in the software, including creating new projects, changing project status, adding expenses, and uploading documents. You'll be able to see what other team members are doing and track project progress in real-time.
Coming Soon!
We want to let you know that this is just the beginning. We are working hard to improve the Activity Log in the coming weeks and months. Here are a few features we are currently working on:
More Activities
We are adding a few more activities and events to the Activity log which will be launched in the coming weeks.
Overall Workspace Activity Log
We are building an overall Workspace activity log where you can see all project activities in one overall Workspace view!
Team Commenting and Collaboration
In addition to tracking activities and events, the Activity Log will soon allow you to collaborate with your team members. You will be able to leave comments and feedback on specific events, allowing you to communicate with your team and keep everyone up-to-date on project progress.
We encourage you to try out the Activity Log beta feature and let us know what you think. Click the thumbs 👍👎in the bottom left corner to complete our Poll and provide us feedback!
Thanks for your feedback!
We are excited to announce our April release notes, which include a number of small incremental improvements and bug fixes. In April, we focused on enhancing the user experience by improving the speed and performance of our software. Here's a list of the changes we've made:
  • Added a Confirmation window before you can delete an Expense or Income item.
  • Improved page load speed for users with thousands of expense items on the Global Vendor Expense Report. (Clayton check your report)! 👀
  • Improved support for users uploading high resolution, large photos taken on Iphone and Android to improve upload speeds.
  • Users with more projects will have their pages load faster.
  • Reduced memory usage on various pages from 15MB of memory down to 9 MB of memory.
We hope that these changes will improve your experience with our software, and we appreciate your feedback as we continue to work on making it even better. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements in the coming months!
Comps Tool
We're excited to announce some great new improvements to our Comps Tool! These changes are designed to make it even easier for our users to sort through the data and customize their analysis.
Comps Sorting
  • We've added sorting functionality to every column on the Comps Table! Now you can easily sort your data by ascending or descending order based on distance, sold date, square footage, or selection status. This means you can quickly and easily reorder your Comps in a way that makes sense for your analysis.
Comps Sorting
New Comps Table Data
To provide even more valuable data, we've added two new columns to the Comps table. These new data points make it even easier to find and select the right Comps for your analysis.
  • Added Distance to Subject column so you can see how far comps are from the subject property
  • Added Sold Date column so you can easily sort Comps by last Sold Date
Styling Changes
We've made some styling changes to the Comps Tool to improve the overall user experience.
  • We've updated the Pin icons and colors used for the Subject, Selected Comps, and Unselected Comps, making them easier to distinguish.
  • We've also switched the map to a "Light" style, which makes the Comps icons really stand out on the map.
  • To minimize distractions, we've hidden other Points of Interest like businesses, so you can focus on your Comps and reduce noise on your map.
We're committed to providing you with the best possible experience when using our Comps Tool, and we hope these changes make it even easier for you to find and select the right Comps for your real estate analysis. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions, so please don't hesitate to let us know how we can continue to improve the tool.
We launched some new changes to our sidebar navigation to make it easier to find and navigate to the general project Info and settings.
Now you can easily access your Property Overview, your Property and Owner Data, the Activity Log, Notes and settings directly from the sidebar.
General Project Nav Additions
  • Overview
  • Property Info
  • Owner Info
  • Activity Log (Coming Soon)
  • Notes
  • Settings
Consolidated Files Nav
We also consolidated the Document Manager & Photo Log under the Files navigation at the bottom.
Comps Tool
We just launched some new Comps Tool improvements based upon feedback from our users! (thanks Brett & Jill)!
Comps Tool Improvements
  • We added several new fields to the Comps modal so you can add a
    Status, Days on Market.
  • You can also add notes about individual Comps so you can add miscellaneous notes/context to describe
    the Comp is a good comparable for the Subject.
  • Added a timestamp for Created at and Updated at so you can know how fresh your data is for the Comp.
Comps Report Improvements!
We also made some improvements to our Comps Report!
  • Added a text area to the Comps Report where you can write a narrative description to describe all of the Comps you included in your Comps analysis and explain why
  • Added new Comps Stats to the top of the Comps Report to summarize the Average Comp Sale Price and $/sf compared to the Subject Property.
We have been busy working on our new Comps and Activity Log features, but also launched a bunch of incremental improvements in the month of March!
Customer Support
  • User Guide button on the navbar now links to our FlipperForce Help Center where we have comprehensive 'How To' articles, video tutorials and case studies.
  • We discontinued our previous Freshdesk ticketing system. We will now be handling all support requests through our live Chat support system. If you have any questions please send us a chat message or send us an email at support@flipperforce.com which can be used for ticketing.
Companies and Contacts Improvements
  • Companies and Contact Categories are now alphabetized so users can easily find their Company Categories (thanks Jeff 🙂)
Performance and Speed Improvements
  • Performed sitewide speed improvements that should reduce page loads by .5 to 1 secs
  • Improved page load times on the Leads Pipeline page for users that have hundreds of Leads in their pipeline.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue when scrolling on smaller devices that was causing screen to "glitch"
  • Fixed an issue with Material Catalog Supplier names not saving when adding new Materials to the Catalog
  • Fixed issue where Maps weren't displaying on the PDF reports of Investment Packet and Comps Report
  • Dropdown menu on the Scheduler is only including dates from 1900 (only effected 4 users)
Comps Tool
We're continuing to improve our new Comps Tool that is currently in Beta and we just pushed some fresh updates!
Comps Tool Improvements
We added in the ability to permanently delete Comps from the Comps table.
Comps Report Improvements
  • [Fixed] Comps Report fixed map not printing on the exported PDF
  • [Fixed] Comps Report Average $/sf was summing the total instead of averaging
  • [Fixed] Comps Report was showing half bath entries instead of full bath
If you have any additional feedback on the Comps Tool, please send us a chat message!
Comps Tool
We just launched a new update to our Comps Tool that automatically pulls in property data for manually added Comps which should be a major time saver for running Comps analysis!
Property Data Included w/ Manual Comps
Now whenever you manually add a Comp to your Comps Analysis we will now automatically download the following datapoints!
  • Neighborhood
  • Property Type
  • Year Built
  • Sold Date
  • Sold Price
  • Beds
  • Baths
  • Square Footage
  • Garages
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