A nice feature on one of the Step 3 Repairs Tab of the Flip Analyzer would be to add a One Minute Estimator (or Quick Estimate tool), which already has the most common repairs listed and has a breakdown of the percentage of each repairs based on experience & common knowledge. For example, I have a spreadsheet that lists out percentage breakdown of each repairs based on my years of experience so all I have to do is input one number and the entire spreadsheet gets filled out breaking down how much repairs to be calculated for each line item based on the percentage breakdown that I have already listed as default.
Taking it a step further, what I would like to see is that you can use the FlipperForce One Minute Estimator and based on your own needs, be able to adjust the repair breakdown percentages and save it as a new Default template with your own name for all your own projects so that way when you come to the project next time, hit your own one minute template and you're done!
Posted on behalf of user Neet Narula