New Schedule Templating
Project Scheduler
It's finally here!
We just launched our brand new Schedule Templating functionality that allows you to load Schedule Starter Templates and save your own custom templates that you can use on future projects! 🎉
In the past, creating a detailed project schedule took nearly an hour to create, but with our new Schedule Templating you can load a project schedule in seconds! ⌚
Schedule Starter Templates
Our Project Scheduler now includes 3 Starter Templates that you can use to help you get started:
  • Gut Rehab Schedule Template
  • Cosmetic Rehab Schedule Template
  • New Construction Schedule Template
These schedule Starter Templates include a detailed list of major rehab tasks and milestones, as well as approximate durations, dependencies & connections.
Once you load in a Schedule Starter Template you can customize the task descriptions, order of operations and durations as needed for your specific project.
Save Your Own Custom Templates
Flipping houses is a very repeatable process, so once you customize your schedule you can save it as a template that can be reused on future projects!