Budgeter Bug Fixes
Repair Estimator
Project Budgeter
Accounting Reports
With our latest update we improved some user experience issues and went through and cleaned up some bugs and issues on the Project Budgeter & Estimator:
Project Budgeter Fixes
  • Restructured saving methodology so you don't have to refresh page in order to see live updates on Project Budgeter. Now as soon as you enter an expense or income, the data will be shown on Budgeter (without page refresh)
  • Fixed toggle switch (Lump Sum to Detailed) not showing Repair Categories
  • Fixed issue if user hadn't loaded an Estimate in the Estimator, the Project Budgeter displaying as blank. Now Budgeter will always show even if you haven't run an analysis or an estimate.
  • Fixed formula calculations in the Projected/Variance Columns
  • Fixed issue if item was deleted, not being reflected in totals
  • Fixed issue if item was re-categorized not being reflected
  • Fixed issue if a new category was added on Estimator, not being shown on Project Budgeter.
  • Fixed values on Project Budget Report to exactly reflect the values shown on Project Budgeter
  • Fixed issue with Add New Item modal window freezing if user doesn't enter all required fields.